Brand Your Own Potty Training Chart – For Pre-School Teachers

Welcome! Here you can fill out the form below to create a personalized sticker / reward chart for children in your class or school – with name, goals, rewards, etc. Additionally, you can upload your own logo (or any image for that matter) to create a chart with your school’s brand.

potty chart for preschool owners and teachers to add their own logo

Here’s an example with the Bright Horizons logo added to it. Fill out the form below to create your own, with your own logo or other image that you choose. This potty sticker chart is printable, downloadable and free. Also if you don’t want to fill in details for a specific child, no problem, just upload your logo or image via the form and click the button to create your chart for your school.

Branded potty sticker chart all customized with child's info